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Observations 05/05/20

Post Office: Lockdown. Queue snakes around the street corner as people keep a 2 metre gap between the next in line. Cars drive up and down the busy main road that leads to the motorway as if it’s a quiet Sunday but it’s only Tuesday. Shoppers step out of the supermarket, bags in hand, fullContinue reading “Observations 05/05/20”

Lush: Ingredients Copy

Working as an Ingredients Copywriter I was tasked with researching the benefits of the various ingredients that go into making Lush products, then creating fresh new copy for the Lush website. This role was really fun because I learned a lot about the history of and benefits of different ingredients, I was able to playContinue reading “Lush: Ingredients Copy”

The Queenie Effect

Life lessons according to mum. She’s a straight talking, tough love giving, sassy black woman that isn’t afraid to get down and party with the youngsters because if you haven’t already heard, sixty is the new twenty-five. She’s a ball of energy that doesn’t have an off switch, a trait I can admit to haveContinue reading “The Queenie Effect”

Observations 29/03/20

Auckland: Lockdown. One car driving solo down a normally busy main road heading towards the motorway as he indicates left. A girl alone wearing a face mask conversing loudly on the phone in a language unknown to me. A young man dressed as if ready to do some exercise walking abruptly up the empty street.Continue reading “Observations 29/03/20”

Why Can’t I Write?

In February I returned to New Zealand after being at home for the holidays and have done very little writing since which led me to the question, why can’t I write? Recently I’ve been struggling to write, not even just struggling but actively avoiding it and I don’t know why. I came to the conclusionContinue reading “Why Can’t I Write?”

Postcards | Chasing Freedom

I don’t really know how to describe it, but it’s that feeling that you get when you’re standing in the ocean looking out into the distance and just taking a moment to yourself. It’s that feeling when you’re standing at the top of a waterfall looking down, speechless because you’re in awe. It’s the thrillContinue reading “Postcards | Chasing Freedom”

Lush: Lush Library Recommends | BAME authors to have on your reading radar

From flipping society completely on its head by changing the ‘roles’ assigned to us, to providing the tools and answers for your own understanding of the race discussion; this selection of books tackle race and class struggles, female oppression and what to say when you don’t know what to say.  From understanding a history thatContinue reading “Lush: Lush Library Recommends | BAME authors to have on your reading radar”

Photo Diary: Paris | Two Night Stopover

Well, I can finally understand why it’s nicknamed the city of love. A spontaneous solo trip to reunite with friends, doubled as a language refresher course. With only two days to pack in as much as possible, obviously I became a stereotypical tourist.

TFN: Classic Trainer Styles

‘Sports shoes are “expected to have the largest market in terms of volume globally from 2014 to 2020,” according to PR Newswire. Transparency Market Research, said it expects the global footwear market to reach $220.2 billion in value and 10.974 million units by 2020,’ Forbes. If you take a look inside most people’s wardrobes itContinue reading “TFN: Classic Trainer Styles”

Travel: Inspiration Online

Whether it’s Instagram, blogs, magazines, you name it, I always find a lot of inspiration online, it usually makes me really envious but it also gives me ideas for future trips and helps me to see parts of the world I’m not able to visit just yet.

Local Life: The City

Manchester is my home and I love my home. To me travel doesn’t always have to mean going abroad, sometimes it’s easier (and a lot cheaper) to just open the front door and go for a wander. You never know, you might find something you didn’t even know was there before.

‘I didn’t have some big epiphany where I ‘found myself’ I just got a little lazy…

It’s more than a desire; it’s a need because it is something I genuinely believe that will prevent me from functioning properly. I’m just itching to go and explore and I don’t even just mean that in the sense that I need to go and travel and go abroad. Like yes, don’t get me wrongContinue reading “‘I didn’t have some big epiphany where I ‘found myself’ I just got a little lazy…”

Photo Diary: Berlin | The Alternative Tour

The Alternative Tour also known as The Graffiti Tour, was a free walking tour that explored the history and art within the city of Berlin, through monuments, graffiti, people, shops and cafes.

Header image credit: Andrew Hartley.

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